Thoughts about the Death of George Floyd from a Family Pastor Sovereignly Saved by Grace

When is the right time to speak? You speak too soon before the facts are in–you overreact in ignorance. You speak too late–you are accused of being silent.

What is the right thing to say? You say too little–you are accused supporting hate. You say to much and people stop listening.

Who is able to speak? I am a white male, so I have been told I have nothing to say in this issue or truly understand the issue. So, can I speak up or not?

With these questions swirling around in my head…I will speak and say what I know is true. Since I firmly believe the whole Bible is God’s Word and is the standard for truth, I will use it as my foundation.

Genesis 1:27 clearly states the all humans are made in the image of God. Since that is the case, all human life is intrinsically sacred. Also, there is no difference between the races in value and worth. Yes, there will always be cultural differences (which shows the beautiful diversity of God’s creative Hand), but that is not the issue at hand.

What happen with the death of George Floyd is wrong and should be handled with swift fair justice. It is sin. It appears that justice is being sought and I pray it is carried out. I pray justice will continue. We must pursue it, for God is a just and righteous God.

Lady Justice is blind for a reason. Yet, when a society rejects the source of justice (God and His Word), herd justice rules the day.

So, we see an attempt to protest injustices (rightly so) and looting and destruction happen, the message of the protest is sadly lost.

The Church has been moved into the corner and told they are irrelevant because their voice is biased and hateful. The Church has allowed this to happen by their own silence as well as this has been a planned attack to silence the Church.

Sadly, many people that claimed to be Christians have used the Bible to promote racism and other evil issues in this country. This is not from a place of proper understanding of the Bible, but from a place of Biblical ignorance. This is yet one more reason why a proper teaching of doctrine and theology is crucial for the Church.

Honestly, after saying the death of George Floyd was wrong, racism is wrong and calling the Church to faithfully proclaim that all life is intrinsically sacred, I am not sure what else to say or do. We must pray and be patient. We must do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God.

Society’s only hope is the gospel.  Therefore, I call the Church to stand with the gospel and shine the Light of Truth into this dark and hurting world.

I would like to ask you to ponder these two thoughts. What has led us to this moment? What next step can you do in your sphere of influence to make a difference for the kingdom of God?  

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